Standard Pauper: White Weenie


White weenie is a staple archetype in basically every format and Standard Pauper is no different.

The deck is simple and efficient. Play creatures. Play more creatures. Pacify your opponent’s creatures. Pump the team with Borrowed Grace and win the game.

Thraben Inspector was probably my most underrated card recently. It’s not Kytheon but the clue and turn one “Here’s a creature” tempo can get you here.

Cleric of the Forward Order is grossly outranked in normal Standard unfortunately but here it’s just fine. Worst case scenario is a 2/2 for 1W that gains you two life. Best is gains you eight life. I’m okay with all of this.

Ampryn Tactician is basically a win condition. You get your team, pump it all, swing for lots, hopefully win.

PS: Gryff’s Boon is nuts forever and always.


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