8 Whack Musings


I’ve been on 8 Whack in Modern for a while now. Probably five months. So I have a fair amount of experience with the deck.

8 Whack is basically a budget aggro player’s dream. Especially with Goblin Guide being reprinted. It doesn’t play fetchlands, so no expensive Arid Mesas or Wooded Foothills to stop you. After Modern Masters 2017 settles in the marketplace, Goblin Guide will probably be $10. And that’ll take the total deck price to like $100 probably. Maybe not even that high. I picked up most of the deck in MP condition because they play the same as mints but for less money.

It’s a fairly simple deck to play too. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it takes real planning to take a game off a hard opponent. But if you just want to jam dudes and then them sideways, here you go. The deck has eight great finishers too: Goblin Grenade and Lightning Bolt. Grenade wins games. A lot o opponents can stabilize against your goblins but far to often their shields go down and BOOM gobsplosion and you win.

I’m considering some new cards and philosophies about the deck recently however. For example, I don’t like Goblin Chieftain very much anymore. It’s a three drop and gets clunky with Reckless Bushwhacker. Reckless Bushwhacker is basically the only three drop I want in the deck outside of a singleton Shared Animosity.

By the way, I only just started playing Shared Animosity and it can be the nut. It’s a cheaper Coat of Arms.

Two cards I want to try out are Goblin Cohort and Tattermunge Maniac. They’re both solid 2 power for one mana creatures. Their drawbacks are nearly nonexistent given how the deck plays. But what to take out for them? I would consider some amount of Mogg Fanatics and Frenzied Goblins. It depends on the local metagame. No one at my LGS seems to have Infect built so I don’t have as much reason to maindeck Mogg Fanatic for example. Frenzied Goblin has also been mediocre for me in paper and online. There are matchups where it matters but I think it can be a strictly sideboard card since we have Legion Loyalist.

My current build would more two Frenzied Goblin and four Mogg Fanatic to the sideboard. in exchange for two Goblin Cohort and four Tattermunge Maniac.

Speaking of sideboards, Goblin King! Just sideboard a couple Goblin Kings. So many decks play mountains. Even if it’s just Blood Crypt or Steam Vents. That’s some unblockable that really matters. Whole steam just goes WHOOSH past your opponents dudes right into the life total.

That’s all I got for today. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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