Top 5 Chairs You’ll Sit in While Playing Magic


1. White Plastic Folding Chair

This is the classic. Almost every LGS has these. The weird thing I’ve never seen them for sale. Do they magically spawn whenever a game store opens?

Eight hours gaming in one of these and you’ll wish you didn’t have a spine.

2. Metal Folding Chair

These don’t show up as often anymore but when they do I avoid them at all costs.

3. Broken Folding Chair

Every LGS has them and they don’t get thrown away. They’re always tucked in a corner somewhere until someone’s dumb enough to think it’s not broken and put it back into the rotation of non broken chairs.

4. Stiff Cushioned Chair

“Cushioned” is a strong word to describe these. I’m fairly sure the cushion is actually concrete.

5. Literally nothing

Some game stores just run out of chairs. Sometimes you have to play on the floor. Or even while standing up. And then I never go to that LGS ever again.

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