Standard: Oketra’s Monument White Weenie Humans


New standard, new brews, new weenies.

So let me learn you a thing. Oketra’s Monument is the nutterest of butters. This thing could honestly go into any color standard aggro deck and be fine. Every single creature spell gets you a free 1/1. And that’s specifically a cast trigger like the big Eldrazi. Even if it’s countered you get a 1/1 with vigilance.

So we take an old white weenie shell, cram in Metallic Mimic and Oketra’s Monument. Boom, we’re in business. Also Glory-Bound Initiate. That seem real good with Always Watching.

Gideon of the Trials too, because that card is really good. Like really really good. Offensive, defensive, immortality. It’s all good. Shut down blockers, run over blockers. I don’t know if it’s worth the $25 price tag but we’ll see i a couple weeks.

I thought about putting Archangel Avacyn in this list but wanted to keep things low to the ground. 20 plains is good enough for me.

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