Standard: Todd Anderson’s UW Monument


Todd Anderson successfully piloted this deck through the Standard portion of this weekend’s Star City Games Invitational.

I’m gonna go ahead and say it. I told y’all Oketra’s Monument is great. I told y’all. Now I didn’t build the right deck with it but I was spot on with knowing this card is great.

Going UW gives you Spell Queller which is already a good card. But with Monument it’s UW instead of 1UW. And you get a 1/1 vigilance dude on top of it.

Even Cloudblazer becomes playable. Draw two, gain two, get a 2/2 flyer, and a 1/1 vigilance.

Dusk away their board, Dawn your board back. Dawn back Cloudblazers for infinite value.

I might have to build this on MTGO. It seems like the aggro deck Standard deserves right now.

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