Standard: UR Control Rambling


I’ve been jamming UR control for a bit so now I need to ramble about it.

When I say ramble about the deck, I mostly mean Torrential Gearhulk. Torrential Gearhulk is one of the best cards I’ve ever played.

Countering spells, drawing cards, and destroying creatures for five turns is great. But then you’re running out of gas and don’t have board presence. How do you solve that? Use a Gearhulk. And if that don’t use, use more Gearhulk. Gearhulk into Disallow. Gearhulk into Glimmer of Genius to dig for another Gearhulk and Disallow.

Attrition your opponent out and then

attack for five
attack for five
attack for five
attack for five

Sometimes you can go aggro and attack for 10 too. Flash in another Gearhulk, get Glimmer out of the yard and start bashing for 10. Easy game, easy life.

I don’t know for sure about sideboard yet because I’m bad at sideboarding.

This is more or less the mainboard I like right now. I can’t decide exactly how I want my two drop counters to go. Sometimes I like Essence Scatter but Abrade is real goo at handling creatures itself. Plus the Abrade shoots Oketra’s Monument, opposing Gearhulks, really just any threat.

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