Ixalan Standard: BR Pirates


Pirates are a thing now I guess. Also the title is somewhat misleading. There’s blue for Admiral Beckett Brass. But nothing else. So I can’t justify calling it Grixis. I guess RBu would be okay.

Anyway, pirate tribal is a thing in Standard. And there’s a couple good reasons to jam pirates. Dire Fleet Captain is one of them. a 2/2 for 2 mana that gets +1/+1 when it attacks for each of your other attacking pirates. It’s like an attacking Pirategoyf. Or something. I don’t know. But it’ll probably get big fast.

The other good reason is Admiral Beckett Brass herself. She’s a pirate lord and whenever you deal combat damage with three or more pirate to a player, you get to take one of their non land permanents. Steal a Gearhulk just to have something huge. Steal a dinosaur. Steal a Gishath maybe. Regardless you get to aggro out and start stealing things. Especially things that are going to try roadblocking you.

The rest of the list is R/B pirates with low mana costs. Also some Lightning Strikes and Fatal Pushes. Get those creatures out of the way so you can steal stuff with Beckett. Or go to the dome with Lightning Strike to win.

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