Ixalan Dino Sized Draft


Next month during the weekend of October 28-29, local stores are going to be able to host a special draft event. Instead of three pack drafts, it will be four packs of Ixalan. These events will have exclusive mini posters and other prizes yet to be announced. During that weekend there will also be six pack sealed also giving out those exclusive prizes.

This is real interesting. First leagues have a free mulligan and now this even will have a four pack draft. I think Wizards has to be using these events to test the waters for new competitive play policy.

If this is the case I don’t know if I want draft to become four packs. The obvious upside is reducing variance and everyone likely having a relatively solid deck. But it would already push the price up. People in my area don’t seem to like the price of draft as is because they could buy singles and cigarettes instead.

I do very much like the idea of a sort of smoother draft though. I’m not great so pack three for me is usually scrambling for any creatures in my colors. This would let me procrastinate for one entire additional pack. Or draft creatures like I’m supposed to.

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