Ixalan Standard: RG Gishath Dinosaurs


Yeah I know, it says RG dinos but there’s a white splash just for Gishath. Whatever. It’s still basically RG. RGw if you want to get technical.

At the prerelease I fought a lot of dinosaur decks. And dinos are definitely good. I don’t know if they’re Pro Tour winning good but I can sure hope.

There are two cost reducers and they’re both two mana. One of them also taps for a mana. So you can easily turn three drop a Regisaur Alpha. Follow it up with a Carnage Tyrant. Then you basically just win the game. Let that sink in. You can have a turn four 7/6 trample hexproof. I haven’t seen that kind of power since Primeval Titan’s run in Standard.

They even have their own mini tutor. Commune with Dinosaurs. And yes it is literally called Commune with Dinosaurs. There was a card in Kamigawa called Commune with Nature that had a similar effect. So at first I thought Commune with Dinosaurs must be a nickname. Nope. It’s the actual name and I love it.

Savage Stomp is also perfectly named. Carnage Tyrant can stomp on a Torrential Gearhulk. Just stomp it down. Nice robot you got there. Would be a shame if someone stepped on it.

Then of course Gishath is Gishath. It might be too cute but I want to try getting in for seven and dropping seven dinosaurs. It probably won’t happen but a man can dream.

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