Ixalan Standard: Temur Energy Saheeli Value


Saheeli is love. Saheeli is life.

I played a decent amount of four color Saheeli before the ban. The deck was nuts even without combo. Now we have even better stuff to clone. Rogue Refiner was/is great. But now we can clone Deathgorge Scavengers and Regisaur Alphas too.

This list is a basic energy shell. Servant, Refiner, Hydra. Then of course Glorybringer because it’s great. It also gets Lightning Strike from Ixalan.

Bristling Hydra is still amazing by the way.

But anyway, get good value out of cards like Refiner, Scavenger, Glorybringer, and Regisaur anyway. Then drop Saheelis on them for more value and attacks.


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