Casual: Unblocka-blue


Unblockable blue dudes was one of my first decks. So why not bring it back to the kitchen table?

We got some new things to go with them since my original build 10 years ago. Signal Pest, Slither Blade, Triton Shorestalker. Grand Architect too. Grand Architect is the blue lord. Just lord of blue.

The mana from Grand Architect doesn’t really matter. Maybe if you need to drop some Bonesplitters. But it’s mostly there to just be a blue lord. Pump all your blue creatures.

My old version ran more counterspells but Mana Leak and Counterspell are good enough. This is meant for casual bear pit style games so you don’t need too many counters. Just want to have some in case someone drops a Wrath of God or something.

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