Ixalan Standard: UG Merfolk


I hate fish but they might be a contender in Standard.

These merfolk like counters. You know who else likes counters? Walking Ballista. You know who else? Rishkar and Verdurous Gearhulk.

Rishkar’s gonna help you ramp out your merfolk. Give meerfolks counters, tap, make more merfolk. Then you get to the Herald/Gearhulk part.

The ultimate goal here is to have an unblockable team thanks to Herald of Secret Streams and Verdurous Gearhulk. Herald makes them unblockable, Gearhulk gives them all counters. Herald is also for all creatures with counters on them. Not just Merfolk. So you can leave a counter on the Gearhulk to make it unblockable. I haven’t even played the deck yet and that last sentence makes the deck seem stupid good.

Growing Rites of Itlimoc is great. Grabs you a creature and should very quickly flip over into being a Gaea’s Cradle. “But that’s green mana” you say, “We need blue mana too”. That’s not the point. You dump all that green mana into Walking Ballista. Then you just win probably.

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