Ixalan Standard: Mono White Vampires


Someone actually took mono white vampires to Pro Tour Ixalan. Out of all the decks I expected to see, this was not one of them. I do have to applaud Phillip Braverman for his confidence in it though.

We finally have a deck that can use Oketra’s Monument properly again. Your vampires come in with a 1/1 warrior friend. It also helps you spam Legion Conquisator making it cost 1W instead of 2W. Then since you’re spamming those guys, you get more warriors.

Metallic Mimic is also a huge help here. Choose vampire, then all your vampires are coming in stronger. Those Conquistadors become 3/3s. You can go turn two Mimic, turn three Monument, turn four two Conquistador. That gives you a total of eight power on board. Then you just keep doing it.

And speaking of tokens, Legion’s Landing/Adanto, the First Fort is there too. Landing seems easy enough to flip. Then it’s a mana sink for the late game. Bloop out a token at each of your opponent’s end steps. It doesn’t combo with Monument but it does work with Mimic. Those vampires will be 2/2s instead of 1/1s.

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