Pauper: Affinity


MTGO user Bucknasty691989 went 6-0 in a recent Magic Online Pauper Challenge with Affinity.

Affinity was my first pauper deck ever and it evolved a bit since 2012.

Now we have Gearseeker Serpent. Which is just a fat blue creature that unofficially has affinity for artifacts. Thanks, Kaladesh. Then for six mana it makes itself unblockable. You probably won’t get that much mana in Affinity or even need to but it’s a nice bonus. It’s like “Here’s a couple bigger bluer Myr Enforcers”. I’m okay with this.

Kaladesh also gave us Metallic Rebuke which I will absolutely not complain about. In this deck it’s straight up a better Mana Leak.

And don’t forget Temur Battle Rage. Atogs become ultra lethal. Myr Enforcers Myr Enable it. The Myr Enforcers even become lethal. Really, Atog becomes ultra lethal.

It’s like 30 tix on MTGO right now and I”m having a real hard time not picking it up.

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