Standard Bans January 15 2018


New Standard bans:

Attune with Aether
Rogue Refiner
Rampaging Ferocidon
Ramunup Ruins

Well this seems absurd to me. That makes seven cards banned in Standard. Six of them from the same block and one from the newest block. I never thought a simple land searcher would get banned. Or even a land. Ramunup Ruins was the Ramunup in Ramunup Red! Now I guess it’s back to being called Red Deck Wins. It almost makes sense to me since it is a very powerful land. I wish we had a chance to see Blood Sun try to counter it though. The next banned and restricted update is in a few weeks. That seems like enough time to see if it helps.

This is also bad for your local game store. They need consumer confidence to keep people buying cards. But we’ve had seemingly constant Standard bans for the last year. Aetherworks Marvel, Emrakul, Felidar Guardian, Smugglers Copter. Don’t forget the random Reflector Mage ban, too.

This means your local game store could make less money since it’s harder to justify spending money on cards. And that goes for both the consumer and local store. If I’m a store owner I’m likely to be less aggressive in buying powerful Standard cards because if they get banned I have to eat the loss. There’s a lot of things I like to eat but losses aren’t one of them.

Then as a consumer why should I buy into Standard? If my deck gets “too good” they’ll just ban it. You know, in the format that isn’t supposed to have bans. I don’t think this many cards have been banned in Standard since original Mirrodin back in 2003.

The funny thing is none of these cards feel strong on their own. When Jace, the Mind Sculptor got banned, that made sense. Repeating Brainstorms and fate seals was absolutely ridiculous. But a land searcher? A slightly upgraded Elvish Visionary? That doesn’t feel right to me.

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