Dice No Longer Allowed As Life Trackers at Competitive or Pro REL


No more dice as life trackers at competitive or professional events. It’s about time. Spindowns are cute but should never have been allowed at competitive events.

Way back in the day when I played YuGiOh, they had this covered. If there was a life total dispute, whoever had it written on paper won. That made people write things down. There was no point in risking a match because of not writing it down.

I’m happy this will be enforced in Magic. It’s a hard call for FNM in my opinion. Some FNMs can get real competitive. People can get cutthroat over A handful of booster packs. Banning spindowns from FNM would devalue the ones that come with bundles though. Also would probably upset a lot of people who use spindowns religiously.

UPDATE: This also applies to poison counters and energy counters.

What do you think?

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