Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan Top 8 Luis Salvatto Lantern Control


Luis Salvatto won Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan this past weekend with Lantern Control.

Yeah, Lantern Control. The bane of every Modern player’s existence except for Lantern players themselves. It’s a good deck though and I can’t blame people for wanting to win.

Luis Salvatto definitely earned his win. He got a game loss in the quarter finals of top eight for not un-sideboarding correctly when game one began. That would tilt most players hard. Luis came through though. He managed to win the next two games and advance to the semi finals.

He eventually took down Gerry Thompson in the finals 3-0.

I don’t know if any bannings will come from this. I hope not though. Now that it won a Pro Tour, it should get hated out of the metagame.

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