Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan Top 8 Pascal Vieren UR Pyromancer


This past weekend Pascal Vieren made top eight of Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan with blue-red Young Pyromancer.

I forgot Thing in the Ice was a card. It had some fun times in Standard but I didn’t know it would be Modern playable. Turns out having Serum Visions, Opt, Lightning Bolt, and good counterspells like Mana Leak and Remand changes things.

Add Young Pyromancer to all that for tempo swings and you’ve got yourself a spicy brew. Snapcaster Mage also helps a ton with basically everything. Snappy still gives you the Bolt-Snap-Bolt play.

The deck is just answers, cantrips, and choosing to either go wide or go big. Maybe you do a bit of both depending on the matchup.

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