Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan Top 8 Gerry Thompson Mardu Pyromancer


Gerry Thompson made it to second place at Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan. I didn’t know Mardu Pyromancer was a thing. Turns out it is.

Also Bedlam Reveler went from bulk to $10 overnight. Check your binders and boxes to make big dollars off people getting on the Mardu Pyromancer hype train.

Unfortunately for Gerry in the finals, bad draws and Ensnaring Bridge stopped him in his tracks with a devastating 0-3 match loss. Second place is a very respectable finish but I know if I went that deep and got screwed over by mulligans, hoo boy, I’d be steaming mad. Gerry is a much more professional human being than I’ll ever be though.

This deck is nuts though. Disruption, removal, and Lingering Souls. All the while generating tokens off Young Pyromancer. That means you can try to attrition them out while maintaining board presence and having the ability to go wide. The tokens also chump/gang block aggro creatures.

Attrition them out then you get a cheap Bedlam Reveler and refill your hand.

And then obviously there’s Blood Moons because this Modern.

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