Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan Top 8 Ken Yukuhiro BR Hollow One


Ken Yukuhiro took Burning Inquiry/Hollow One to a Modern Pro Tour top eight.

I am okay with this. I am so very okay with this.

This deck is the coolest brew I’ve seen in a long time. Modern felt stagnant like no more brews were going to happen. But then Yukuhiro shows up with this wonderful pile.

It looks like a dredge deck that doesn’t care if the graveyard gets exiled. Draw, discard, draw, discard more, then barf out a bunch of creatures.

You could even have a turn one Tasigur if you got the right opening hand. Four Street Wraiths, a fetchland, and Tasigur. Won’t happen often but play enough games and it’s bound to at least once.

If you had the absolute perfect draw, you coud have turn one Tasigur and four Hollow Ones. That’s some real Magical Christmas Land stuff but it’s technically possible.

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