Unstable Unrambling

I got to see an Unstable draft yesterday and it looks fun as hell. I didn’t play because this is Christmas time and I am broke.

Anyway, everyone seemed to have fun from beginning to end. Even the entire drafting process which I often find the worst part about draft. Everyone was happy. Getting value out of full art lands certainly helped. And one guy even opened a foil. That’s a ton of value.

I don’t think the lands look as good in person. Obviously I’m the minority with that opinion but it is what is. They still make sweet phone backgrounds though.

Someone opened a Spike, Tournament Grinder and had Umezawa’s Jitte to go with it. Hashtag life is unfair.

Understanding the contraptions mechanic was awkward for basically everyone. It’s real clunky to learn but once you have it, you won’t forget it.

I like how this Un-set is made to be 100% playable and not be completely absurd like some Unglued and Unhinged cards are.

Unstable is going to be great for kitchen table Magic. Earl of Squirrel just makes kitchen table squirrel tribal a thing. There’s no way it isn’t a thing now. Grusilda, Monster Masher and Dr. Julius Jumblemorph just scream “build around me”.

Speaking of them, there’s EDH/Commander stuff to talk about. Until the next banned and restricted update, the rules committee has decided that silver border cards are legal in EDH/Commander now. I don’t listen to the rules committee a whole lot. For me EDH is a casual house rules format. That being said I will definitely be adding Unstable cards to my EDH deck as long as they aren’t gross like Vile Bile or absurd like Chaos Confetti.

Ixalan Standard: Mono White Vampires

Someone actually took mono white vampires to Pro Tour Ixalan. Out of all the decks I expected to see, this was not one of them. I do have to applaud Phillip Braverman for his confidence in it though.

We finally have a deck that can use Oketra’s Monument properly again. Your vampires come in with a 1/1 warrior friend. It also helps you spam Legion Conquisator making it cost 1W instead of 2W. Then since you’re spamming those guys, you get more warriors.

Metallic Mimic is also a huge help here. Choose vampire, then all your vampires are coming in stronger. Those Conquistadors become 3/3s. You can go turn two Mimic, turn three Monument, turn four two Conquistador. That gives you a total of eight power on board. Then you just keep doing it.

And speaking of tokens, Legion’s Landing/Adanto, the First Fort is there too. Landing seems easy enough to flip. Then it’s a mana sink for the late game. Bloop out a token at each of your opponent’s end steps. It doesn’t combo with Monument but it does work with Mimic. Those vampires will be 2/2s instead of 1/1s.

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Pauper: Kuldotha Boros

I looked at this deck thinking it would be a Boros aggro thing. That’s kinda what I do in Magic. I do Boros things.

This deck however is not aggro. It’s tempo value good stuff.

It draws so many cards. Alchemist’s Vial and Prophetic Prism replace themselves when they come into play. Then you bounce them back with Glint Hawks and Kor Skyfishers. Play them again, draw more cards.

Then Palace Sentinels. Become the monarch and draw even more cards.

Battle Screech and Cenn’s Enlistment give you the ability to go wide after accumulating a ton of card advantage.

Overall I like this list and am likely to build it.

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