Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan Top 8 Reid Duke Abzan

Reid Duke wasn’t sure he’d be playing Goyfs and Lilianas in Modern but here we are. Full playsets of each and in the top eight of Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan.

It’s nice seeing some fairly recent cards pop up in Modern. Grim Flayers and Tireless Tracker for example. Even Liliana, the Last Hope as a one-of to be the fifth Liliana. There’s even a second Liliana, the Last Hope in the sideboard.

Fatal Push is also there because obviously. Fatal Push is going to affect every 60 card format for the rest of time except for maybe Vintage. That’s a fair number of newer cards affecting Modern.

I like the mainboard Nihil Spellbombs. Hurts Storm, opposing Tarmogoyf decks, and dredge. Modern has a good chunk of graveyard decks. Even if it’s just Lingering Souls. Nihil Spellbomb will never be completely useless.

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Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan Top 8 Ken Yukuhiro BR Hollow One

Ken Yukuhiro took Burning Inquiry/Hollow One to a Modern Pro Tour top eight.

I am okay with this. I am so very okay with this.

This deck is the coolest brew I’ve seen in a long time. Modern felt stagnant like no more brews were going to happen. But then Yukuhiro shows up with this wonderful pile.

It looks like a dredge deck that doesn’t care if the graveyard gets exiled. Draw, discard, draw, discard more, then barf out a bunch of creatures.

You could even have a turn one Tasigur if you got the right opening hand. Four Street Wraiths, a fetchland, and Tasigur. Won’t happen often but play enough games and it’s bound to at least once.

If you had the absolute perfect draw, you coud have turn one Tasigur and four Hollow Ones. That’s some real Magical Christmas Land stuff but it’s technically possible.

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Non Token FNM Promos Return with Dominaria

That was a brief and awful FNM experience. Literally nobody at my FNM wanted the promo tokens. We finally had a great promo in Fatal Push then they gave us tokens no one wanted.

This is a great change. Wizards responded to data and player feedback. It takes guts to admit you’re wrong. Especially when you’re a huge company trying to please 20,000,000 people.

Hopefully Wizards won’t be afraid to print promos that will get people excited for FNM again. You know things like Path to Exile or Fatal Push.

Instead of trying to guess what uncommon will be good in Standard, I’d like them to pick out commons/uncommons that already see play in Modern or Legacy. Burning Inquiry has always been a fringe Modern card and now it’s mainstream. There’s plenty of time to make that a promo. Or how about Brainstorm? It was a FNM promo 14 years ago. Legacy loves it and now Pauper is on the rise which also loves it. Lightning Bolt, Mutagenic Growth, Ancient Stirrings, Chromatic Star/Sphere, Ghost Quarter, Tron Lands. Oh my good golly gosh, FNM promo Tron lands would be hot. Three months in a row go Tower, Mine, Power Plant. Attend 12 FNMs in a row for a hot foil promo Tron playset.

I’d honestly go just for the Tron lands and not wanting to miss out on having a full playset. Don’t care if I have a broken leg. I’ll pay my gramma to go for me. Pay my dog. My fish. Whoever and whatever. I’d be all over getting those lands.

“But what about the tournament spikes” some may say. I don’t know about every FNM but I have an LGS that has enough promos for every player. I don’t know what their promo cap is but it’s at least 20. I’ve been close to dead last and still received a promo. So Wizards can give each store enough promos to cover more than top 8. Maybe like 24 promos a week. That covers your average FNM and then some. If the promos are good and the LGS owner isn’t shady and tries to eBay, that means extra promos for future non-FNM events.

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Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan Top 8 Gerry Thompson Mardu Pyromancer

Gerry Thompson made it to second place at Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan. I didn’t know Mardu Pyromancer was a thing. Turns out it is.

Also Bedlam Reveler went from bulk to $10 overnight. Check your binders and boxes to make big dollars off people getting on the Mardu Pyromancer hype train.

Unfortunately for Gerry in the finals, bad draws and Ensnaring Bridge stopped him in his tracks with a devastating 0-3 match loss. Second place is a very respectable finish but I know if I went that deep and got screwed over by mulligans, hoo boy, I’d be steaming mad. Gerry is a much more professional human being than I’ll ever be though.

This deck is nuts though. Disruption, removal, and Lingering Souls. All the while generating tokens off Young Pyromancer. That means you can try to attrition them out while maintaining board presence and having the ability to go wide. The tokens also chump/gang block aggro creatures.

Attrition them out then you get a cheap Bedlam Reveler and refill your hand.

And then obviously there’s Blood Moons because this Modern.

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