Random Card of the Day: Gemstone Mine

Gemstone Mine


Gemstone Mine enters the battlefield with three mining counters on it.

T, Remove a mining counter from Gemstone Mine: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool. If there are no mining counters on Gemstone Mine, sacrifice it.

Of all the 5 color lands, Gemstone Mine is one of my favorites. No damage like City of Brass or Mana Confluence. No mana costs like Rupture Spire. Don’t need an artifact like Glimmervoid.

Sure, it can only be used three times but that’s fine with me. The access to every color is worth it. Whether it’s in a competitive combo deck, kitchen table brews, or even Commander. Just give me the colors.

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Commander: Cromat Superfriends

This is based on a friend’s old Commander Superfriends list. Though this one is optimized fully with dual lands because I’m always down for proxying expensive Commander cards.

The idea is to ramp as fast as you can and start dropping planeswalkers each turn. Or ramp into Omniscience and drop all the planeswalkers. Also ramp into a huge Genesis Wave for planeswalkers and more lands to help you cast more planeswalkers.

But you have to protect those planeswalkers. Else they’re gonna get smashed by creatures. So there’s 10 Wrath effects in this list. My favorite is Mogg Infestation because then you get goblin tokens.

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SCG Open Atlanta Winner: Andrew Jessup with Mardu Vehicles

After 18 rounds of Magic across two days, Andrew Jessup won the SCG Open in Atlanta with Mardu Vehicles.

I think everyone kinda saw this coming. The top 8 was five Vehicles decks, mono black aggro, boros humans, and GB delirium.

It’s the first major tournament after rotation and banning so people tend to pick the safe old options than something new and risk it being bad.

I like that Amonkhet could bring something new to even Vehicles. Cut // Ribbons can be nuts. You kill a creature then just kinda wait until you have X+2 mana where X is their life total. Then you can win basically out of nowhere.

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Commander Card of the Day: Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction 2RR


Chain Reaction deals X damage to each creature, where X is the number of creatures on the battlefield.

I think Chain Reaction is a very underrated board wipe. Damage based board wipes aren’t always great but this one has more combo potential than a card like Wildfire.

Now Wildfire is a fine card and I’m all about land destructing a Commander pod but that’s usually why I play it. The damage it deals is extra.

Chain Reaction is specifically for wiping the board. And what I want to combo it with is Stuffy Doll or Boros Reckoner with a Darksteel Plate attached.

To get real wacky with it, go Darksteel Forge an Mycosynth Lattice. Then you can go wide and Chain Reaction your opponent’s creatures for huge.

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