Market Watch: Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger

To no one’s surprise, Ulamog the Ceaseless Hunger has gone from 12ish up to $25 this weekend. Being in almost every feature match will do that.

I expect Ulamog to hit $30 by the end of tomorrow. It’s in multiple top eight decks and might even take the entire tournament down.

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Top 5 Aether Revolt Mythic Rares

Planar Bridge

Hello new Omniscience tutor. New everything tutor. Just bloop everything into play. Get a basic land just to tilt your opponents.

Paradox Engine

This is gonna be a thing with elves someday. Untapped all your elves instead of just Nettle Sentinels can be nuts. Combo with Heritage Druid and just barf out all your elves with a Craterhoof Behemoth or even an Emrakul the Aeons Torn.

Lightning Runner

I know it’s not competitive playable but I’m a sucker for Relentless Assault effects. If by some miracle you have four of these in play, that’s infinite attack steps as long as they survive.

Heart of Kiran

Heart of Kiran is obvious. It’s defining Standard right now and defined it the second it was printed. Hashtag ban gideon.

Gonti’s Aether Heart

Just like Lightning Runner it’s not competitive but it’s also neat. Eight energy, exile the Heart, get an extra turn. Maybe Commander playable? Definitely kitchen table playable.

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Random Card of the Day: Dusk Urchins

Dusk Urchins 3B

Creature — Ouphe

Whenever Dusk Urchins attacks or blocks, put a -1/-1 counter on it.

When Dusk Urchins dies, draw a card for each -1/-1 counter on it.


Dusk Urchins spiked recently thanks to all the counter support in Amonkhet. This card was fun back in Shadowmoor standard. I don’t remember if it was good but it was definitely fun.

It has kitchen table combos like Channeler Initiate and Nest of Scarabs. Channeler becomes a 3/4 for just two mana which is pretty okay. If you play a second Channeler to put three more counters on the Urchins you’ll draw six cards. And that is pretty okay to me. The counters go on all at once so if it already had three counters and you put three more on, it’ll die with six counters on it.

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