FNM Legacy: Mono Black Aggro

With From the Vault: Lore, we get a cheaper Umezawa’s Jitte, which makes the deck a bit more budget friendly. Dark Confidant is still sitting at $30-40, but hey, it’s Legacy so $250 is a budget deck.

I’m going to start off by saying with Miracles everywhere, it’s real hard to be a creature deck. This deck is meant for local metagames though. So you shouldn’t have to worry too much.

The premise is simple: Go wide with one drops. Throw a Jitte on one and go to town. Hate on other creature decks, gain life to outrace burn, or make a huge dude.

Dark Ritual enables quick aggro dumps like three two power creatures, a one drop and Dark Confidant, or a one drop and Umezawa’s Jitte. Which are all fine plays one turn one.

FNM Standard: BR Vampires

With Eldritch Moon we finally have the full Vampire support. There are now three red one drops in the form of Falkenrath Gorger, Insolent Neonate, and Bold Impaler. We also get another two drop discard outlet in Olivia’s Dragoon to go with Heir of Falkenrath. More flyers means getting over those Sylvan Advocates.

In addition to those, we have Furyblade Vampire to discard our vampires to Falkenrath Gorger and cast out Fiery Tempers. 4/2 trample for 1R seems pretty okay.

For our newest three drop, there’s Stromkirk Occultist. It’s a trampling Abbot of Keral Keep. Get the damage in, play more vampires, keep the aggro train alive.

FNM Standard: Boros Allies

The allies are always watching.

Always Watching is probably the best thing to happen for Allies in Standard. Team pump is good but vigilance tacked on makes it great.

Kor Bladewhirl first strikes your team to get through everything except giant spiders. Lantern Scout lets you race other aggro decks for life. Firemantle Mage in there like “Out of my way, got crushing to do”.

If you get to the mid/late game, Munda’s there to stack your deck so you can get the ally you need to push damage through. In addition, there’s Angelic Captain to fly over everyone and bash for lots.

FNM Standard: UW Blinks

Mulldrifer is great and they reincarnated it in the form of Cloudblazer. For 3UW you get a 2/2 flyer, two life, and two draws. Seems pretty okay to me. We get Wispweaver Angel to go with it. Wispweaver is no Restoration Angel. Not by a long shot. But Restoration Angel was disgustingly good. Wispweaver Angel is a very fair card.

Acrobatic Maneuver is our newest flicker card. For just 2W you flicker a creature you control and draw a card. it’s great to do in response to an opponent’s spell that targets it.

Just for fun, there’s Panharmonicon to double your triggers. Cloudblazer then draws four cards and gains four life. Drowner of Hope makes six tokens.

To make sure you don’t just get run over by your opponent you have Authority of the Consuls. Slow your opponent down while gaining life.